Peer Learning Summit: The role of the NAP process in advancing the implementation of the adaptation goals under the Paris Agreement

Bangkok, Thailand | Oct 1-2, 2018


This Peer Learning Summit convened representatives from 16 countries to explore the role of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process in advancing the implementation of the adaptation goals under the Paris Agreement. The workshop was co-hosted by the Government of Thailand and the NAP Global Network.

The event's objectives were to:

  • Increase participants' understanding of potential links and alignment between the NAP process and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).
  • Explore how the NAP process can help to identify, implement and monitor and evaluate the adaptation priorities and adaptation information communicated via a country’s NDC.
  • Promote dialogue and exchange views between country representatives with respect to opportunities, challenges, strengths and weaknesses of linking NAPs and NDCs.
  • Share experiences and lessons learned on linking NAPs and NDCs

The Peer Learning Summit was attended by government representatives from Vietnam, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, Brazil, Jamaica, Morocco, Malawi, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nepal, Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Colombia.

The summit was one of three events focused on climate change supported by the Government of Germany and partners in Bangkok this week as part of the “Capacity Building and Knowledge Exchange Week on Accelerating the Implementation of the Paris Agreement.” In addition to the summit, the International Climate Initiative convened its 5th NDC Cluster Workshop, and UN Development Program and the UNFCCC Secretariat co-hosted a “Regional NDC Dialogue for Asia and Arab States” with the support of the Governments of Germany, Japan and Norway.

Presentations from this summit are available below or can be downloaded in PDF here.

Introduction to Alignment to Advance Climate-Resilient Development | Anika Terton, IISD

Tool for Assessing Adaptation in the NDCs (TAAN) | Na-Hyeon Shin, GIZ

Role of the NAP process in NDC implementation | Anne Hammill, IISD

NDC Partnership and Adaptation | Robert Bradley, NDC Partnership

NAP-NDC Linkages: Examples from the NAP-GSP and NAP-Ag Programme | Julie Teng, UNDP

Lien PNA et CDN avec le PND au Togo | Issifou Aboudoumisamilou et Sawaba Ale, Togo

Realizing linkages between NAPs and NDCs | Anika Terton, IISD