Targeted Topics Forum: Troubleshooting for NAP implementation, and building support for the NAP process through strategic communications

Zanzibar, Tanzania | February 12-14, 2019


More than 50 representatives from 13 countries gathered in Zanzibar, Tanzania to discuss climate change impacts and opportunities for adaptation.

The eighth and final Targeted Topics Forum (TTF) was co-hosted by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the NAP Global Network focused on the topics of troubleshooting for NAP implementation and the support for the NAP process through strategic communications.

Developing countries in attendance included Benin, Cambodia, Colombia, Fiji, Kiribati, Malawi, Madagascar, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, United Republic of Tanzania, and Thailand. Representatives from bilateral donor countries were present as well to better promote exchanges between actors that lead to the implementation of adaptation actions.

Unavoidable carbon emissions for this event were offset through UNFCCC’s Climate Neutral Now initiative.

Tanzania Targeted Topics Forum | Zanzibar, Feb 2019

February 12 | Strategic Communications for NAP Processes


Introduction to the NAP Global Network | Anne Hammill, IISD

Introduction to the Targeted Topics Forum | Blane Harvey, IISD

Strategic Communications | Zahra Sethna, IISD

Identifying Audiences | Zahra Sethna, IISD
Developing messaging on climate change adaptation | Christian Ledwell, NAP Global Network

February 13 | Troubleshooting for NAP implementation

Engaging the Private Sector in Adaptation | Dr Elizabeth Carabine, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Colombia’s experience engaging the private sector | Caterin Riveros, Colombian  Environment and Sustainable Development Department
Tuvalu’s experience engaging the private sector | Silaati Filiake, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Government of Tuvalu
NAP process engagement in Madagascar | Haja Randriasandratana, Malagasy Ministry of Environment and the sustainable development
Internal government communications | Christian Ledwell, NAP Global Network
Climate Change Risk Analysis – Climate Expert Tool | Na-Hyeon Shin, GIZ
Facilitation for adaptation policy makers | Blane Harvey, IISD
I Peruvian National Communicators Workshop | Victor Santillan, Communications Specialist for Peru´s NAP Support Program
Monitoring and evaluating (M&E) of adaptation at national level | Timo Leiter, GIZ Tanzania
Monitoring and evaluation of adaptation: An approach from Mexico | Gloria Cuevas Guillaumin and Aram Rodriguez de los Santos, SEMARNAT, Mexico

February 14 | Next steps for NAP implementation


Role of the NAP process in NDC implementation | Anne Hammill, IISD
Tools to Identify Synergies: TAAN & Adaptation NDC Toolbox | Na-Hyeon Shin, GIZ