Watch: Caribbean Adaptation Planners Share Lessons on NAP Process

In this new video, we speak with participants in a Caribbean NAP Assembly that the NAP Global Network co-hosted in October 2016, where 11 Caribbean countries discussed their experiences engaging in the National Adaptation Plan process.

“The process to develop the NAP allows us to set in a robust manner medium- and long-term goals for climate change adaptation on island,” said Aria St. Louis, Head of the Government of Grenada’s Environment Division.

The workshop’s facilitator Roger-Mark De Souza, Director of Global Sustainability and Resilience at the Wilson Center, said, “I think that the National Adaptation Planning process is a very significant one as we see that the Paris Agreement is being ratified and moving into action. It offers a concrete and specific opportunity for vulnerable countries to think about what they can do across a variety of sectors, and to proactively plan to take advantage of those opportunities.”

In addition to providing an opportunity for Caribbean adaptation planners to share their experiences and lessons learned, the workshop also provided a space for different donors active in supporting NAP processes in the region to highlight the types of support they offer and to discuss opportunities to coordinate their efforts.

“The NAP process involves lots of stakeholders and lots of different sectors. We think that the single donors, or the single development partners, cannot address them all,” said Yoko Ebisawa, Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership.

As Caribbean countries build momentum in creating and implementing their NAP processes, collaboration and peer learning will continue to be important enabling factors for effective NAPs.