Facilitating sustained peer learning and exchange

The NAP Global Network aims to facilitate sustained peer learning and exchange on the challenges and opportunities associated with national adaptation planning and action.

Through peer learning, policy-makers and practitioners can have open, honest exchanges on what works and does not work to overcome common challenges and share good practices.

We’re promoting sustained learning and exchange through initiatives that emphasize ‘processes’ as opposed to one-off ‘events’ of peer learning, continuous relationships among participants, and collective ownership of peer learning by countries.

Currently, we support peer learning through these activities:

  • our Peer Learning Forums, which build on the Network’s TTFs and are more open, stand-alone events structured around a theme.
  • Peer Learning Cohorts consist of a group (cohort) of countries that come together on a regular basis over the course of several years to exchange ideas and experience on several themes related to the NAP process.
  • our South-South Peer Exchange Program that offers adaptation planners from developing countries opportunities to get together and share their knowledge and experience on specific aspects of the NAP process.
  • our flagship Targeted Topics Forums, held between 2015-2019, brought together policy-makers and practitioners involved in NAP processes. These forums were an opportunity to have focused, technical discussions on challenges and best practices related to national adaptation planning, and how coordination may help, and piloted the cohort approach.