Sector integration

Integrating climate change adaptation into sectors’ development planning is one of the main objectives of the NAP process.

There is no single approach to integrating adaptation considerations across sectors. As shown in the figure below, there is a spectrum of approaches to cross-sector integration of adaptation, ranging from sector-driven to nationally driven approaches.

Figure Spectrum of approaches to initiating sectoral integration

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Sector Driven

Sectors have already taken steps to address adaptation considerations in sectoral planning and policy-making. Initiating integration involves coordination of sectoral initiatives to help define national adaptation priorities.


Adaptation is simultaneously considered at the national level and in sector-specific planning. Inititating integration requires coordination of national and sectoral initiatives to ensure coherence and cohesion in the policy community.

Nationally Driven

A climate change focal agency identifies national adaptation priorities. Initiating integration requires uptake within sector-specific strategies and action plans with coordination by the national climate change focal point.