Global NDC Conference Breakout Session | Enhancing the NDCs by 2020

As part of the Global NDC Conference 2019, please join us for our breakout session, How Can the NAP Process Enhance the NDCs by 2020? We’ve got some ideas. When it comes to adapting to climate change and achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, nations around the world have access to a few useful processes—namely, their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes.

In countries where adaptation information is included in NDCs, the two policy processes are interrelated. NDCs are a country’s pledge for meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, including on adaptation, while the NAP process elaborates on how adaptation will be planned, implemented and monitored. 2020 presents us with a real opportunity to communicate updated and enhanced NDCs and to strengthen the explicit relationship between a country’s NAP process and their NDC.


  • Anika Terton, Project Manager, NAP Global Network
  • Shivanal Kumar, Climate Change Adaptation Specialist, Ministry of Economy, Government of Fiji
  • Thomas Lerenten Lelekoitien, Deputy Director – Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Change Directorate, Government of Kenya
  • Laura Camila Cruz, former adaptation adviser, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Government of Colombia


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