Saint Lucia’s Portfolio of Project Concept Notes for the Water Sector 2018-2028

The Government of Saint Lucia has formulated a National Adaptation Plan, NAP (2018-2028) and Sectoral Adaptation Strategies and Action plans (SASAPs) to ensure that effective steps are taken, in a coordinated and timely manner, to address the challenges posed by climate change and minimise, to the extent possible, damages and losses which could exceed 24.5% of GDP by 2050 and 49.1% by 2100, if no action is taken.

Saint Lucia’s water sectoral adaptation strategy and action plan SASAP seeks to drive the implementation of effective adaptation actions across all sectors and at all levels of society to safeguard Saint Lucia’s water resources and services under a changing climate.

The project concept extracts listed here are a reflection of the measures and project concept notes contained in Saint Lucia’s NAP and Water SASAP.



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Publisher: Government of Saint Lucia