Peru’s Ministry of Environment Trains Regional Journalists on Climate Change

Minister of the Environment, Fabiola Muñoz, spoke with communicators at the workshop “Dialoguemos”

“The media are allies in the Peruvian response to climate change, because they play a fundamental role in forming public opinion. They awaken social interest and improve public policy for the welfare of all citizens,” said Peru’s Minister of the Environment, Fabiola Muñoz, during her meeting with 21 regional journalists in the park “Voces por el Clima” located in Surco.

During the dialogue—part of the First National Workshop of Communicators about Climate Change, held in Lima—the Minister called on the media throughout the country to, from their respective platforms, help citizens get involved in the national vision for low-carbon and climate-resilient development.

The communicators highlighted the Ministry’s initiative in bringing them together for training about climate change in Peru to strengthen their work when they have to report on climate change issues to their respective audiences.

This journalists workshop was part of the participatory process, “Dialoguemos para la elaboración del Reglamento de la Ley Marco sobre Cambio Climático” (“Dialogues on the Regulation of the Framework Law on Climate Change”), which is led by the Ministry of Environment (MINAM). During the workshop, held from September 6-7, the communicators discussed and shared information, from a communicator’s perspective, about climate change, its causes, consequences and options to prepare for its impacts through adaptation.

Dialoguemos para la elaboración del Reglamento de la Ley Marco sobre Cambio Climático

The participants visited also the ecological park “Voces por el Clima,” the first park with a climate change theme in South America, where they held a press conference with the Minister of the Environment, Fabiola Muñoz. The Ministry of Environment continues its work to strengthen comprehensive management to adapt to climate change, highlighting the message: Un país climáticamente responsable es un país que crece (“A climate-responsible country is a growing country”).

This workshop with journalists was supported by the In-country NAP Support Program, which is financed by the Government of the United States and is implemented by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with MINAM.

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