COP26 Catalyst for Climate Action Assembly at the UN Regional Climate Week for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) | Adaptation Action

11:30 a.m. (Dubai)

Action Recommendations on Capacity Building for Adaptation Communications

As part of the United Nations Regional Climate Week for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), this session will focus on how countries are navigating the transition from adaptation planning to implementation, underlining the actions and collaboration of stakeholders to finance and/or implement strategies, project concept notes, incentive schemes, and campaigns for action, among others.

The discussions will build on the recommendations of the COP26 Catalyst Call to Action designed to share countries’ views on the opportunities and challenges—as well as build capacities and understanding among developing country actors—associated with adaptation action.

Looking ahead to COP27 in Egypt, this session will be an opportunity for South-South peer learning and exchange to compare approaches and share common questions among policy makers and relevant stakeholders from Northern Africa and the Middle East. It will also explore how countries are leveraging existing adaptation planning processes and vehicles (including through their Adaptation Communications, National Adaptation Plans, and Nationally Determined Contributions) to deliver well-coordinated national approaches to adaptation.


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