Adaptation planning in conflict-affected countries: Virtual peer learning exchange

Though countries affected by conflict are often also highly vulnerable to climate change, their ability to engage in adaptation planning processes can be constrained, both during and in the aftermath of active conflict. Weak governance is the key challenge, and conflict-affected countries often lack the basic services, institutions, capacities, and resources needed to initiate the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process. In the face of these challenges, government actors and stakeholders charged with coordinating adaptation planning processes can benefit from peer-to-peer learning processes, which can provide opportunities to co-generate knowledge and work together to tackle common challenges in an integrated, aligned approach to adaptation planning, one that is conflict-sensitive and also advances peacebuilding objectives.

This virtual peer learning exchange is organized by the NAP Global Network in an effort to provide a platform for government representatives from conflict-affected countries to share perspectives, experiences, and lessons learned on adaptation planning in the face of very challenging contexts.  Through a facilitated exchange, participants will have the opportunity to hear from experts in adaptation and peacebuilding, to learn from one another, and to reflect on their own NAP processes. This will enable the identification of concrete next steps they can take to ensure that adaptation planning processes are conflict-sensitive and aligned with peacebuilding initiatives.