COP27 | Midway Through the Glasgow Sharm el-Sheikh (GlaSS) Work Programme on the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA): Next steps to fill up the GlaSS?

Watch the event’s full recording.At COP26 in Glasgow, CMA adopted a decision to establish and launch a comprehensive 2-year Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheikh (GlaSS) work programme on the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA). The GlaSS is to pave the way forward on operationalizing the GGA by COP28. It aims to provide greater understanding on the GGA, while increasing visibility of adaptation issues; assess the financial, technical and capacity building resources needed; and recognize adaptation efforts undertaken by countries.

Most importantly, discussions through the GlaSS are meant to guide countries towards an agreement on the architecture and content of the GlaSS. With COP27 sounding the mid-way point of the GlaSS, where are we at now? What does COP27 need to deliver, and what must thus be done by COP28?

This event aimed to take stock of what key areas of consensus have been achieved over the year, what should be achieved at COP27, and what needs to be delivered ahead of COP28—and the end of the GlaSS. The event also aimed to highlight the critical importance of the GlaSS work programme, and its linkages with ongoing national plans and systems, and recognizing the ongoing efforts of countries contributing to the GGA.


How to Raise the GlaSS on the Global Goal on Adaptation at COP 27: Four foundations to build upon

Ahead of this event, moderator Emilie Beauchamp provides a recap of the GlaSS work programme and sets out four key foundations to build on at COP27 in a new article.

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