NAP Global Network at the 18th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA18)

The 18th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA 18) will be held from May 6 to 9, 2024, in Arusha, Tanzania.

CBA 18 brings together adaptation practitioners, grassroots representatives, local and national government policy-makers, and donors to discuss how locally led action can drive a climate-resilient future.

The NAP Global Network is a contributing partner for CBA 18, and the Network Secretariat team will be in Arusha to help share experiences and lessons with a focus on:


Join us at these events:


6D. Re-Imagining the Adaptation–Loss & Damage Continuum With an Indigenous Lens

Date: Tuesday, May 7

Time: 10:50-12:30 EAT (UTC +3)

Room: Breakout

Hosts: Climate Justice Resilience Fund, IISD/NAP Global Network, ICCCAD, Tebtebba

This session involves a co-creative, participatory, and creative exercise to re-imagine a narrative that includes adaptation and loss and damage (L&D), as well as other related fields, such as humanitarian assistance and development. This session will weave the wisdom, principles, and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples into the conversation, along with graphical representations that stem from the conversations. The main question we will co-creatively answer is: What framework honours the reality of frontline communities’ lived experiences of loss and damage while also being useful to the new L&D Fund and other funders committed to addressing L&D?


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7A. Local Governments: Key intermediaries to unlock the full potential of locally led adaptation (LLA)

Date: Tuesday, May 7

Time: 13:30-15:15 EAT (UTC +3) 

Room: Breakout

Host: UNCDF, IISD, Government of Uganda

Local governments (LGs) can play a key role in unlocking the full potential of LLA by fostering collaboration among a large range of stakeholders at the local level but also across scales. However, LGs often lack the resources, capacities, and adequate and inclusive governance structures to advance LLA at the pace and scale needed. This session will explore the barriers and emerging good practices to enhance the roles played by LGs to advance LLA and answer the following questions:

  • How can LGs enhance their governance, planning, budgeting, and reporting systems to support LLA and increase the resilience of local communities?
  • How can LGs be a link between national and local adaptation stakeholders, in particular civil society organizations, to support LLA at scale?
  • How can LGs and civil society organizations work better together to advance LLA at the local level?


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