Preview of NAP Trends: A platform analyzing the latest information and trends in National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)

Card NAP Trends eventNAP Trends, an initiative of the NAP Global Network, aims to share key information on NAPs to make it easy to access for the adaptation community. The platform provides concise summaries of key information in NAP documents, as well as analysis of trends across countries. It is based on systematic reviews of NAP documents submitted to NAP Central, the portal for NAPs communicated to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

A total of 129 developing countries have initiated their NAP process. As more NAPs are submitted to the UNFCCC, we are systematically reviewing them, compiling summaries, and tracking trends in how countries are approaching different aspects of the NAP process. 

On February 10, join the NAP Global Network’s soft launch of the platform and test your knowledge on NAP themes and key statistics by participating in our NAP Trends quiz.