Webinar (EN, FR, SP) | Unveiling the Toolkit for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for National Adaptation Plan Processes

As countries across the globe face climate change impacts, they are advancing National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes to reduce vulnerabilities and build climate resilience. But how do countries know if they are adapting? And how can governments understand their progress to understand what has worked and what has not, for whom, and why?

Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems for NAP processes are essential for countries to track, assess and learn from their progress on adaptation. MEL systems can help countries to understand the effectiveness of their NAP processes, support mutual accountability and transparency to stakeholders, and contribute to learning to accelerate adaptation actions.

This webinar will launch the new Toolkit on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for NAP Processes jointly developed by the NAP Global Network and the Adaptation Committee.

This practical guide showcases concrete actions, key resources and lessons learned from over 30 country examples to help countries design and implement their MEL systems for NAP processes. The toolkit puts the principle of adaptive management at the heart of NAP processes, emphasizing how ongoing learning from MEL is integral to effective adaptation. This will be an opportunity to highlight the key features, purpose, and uses for the toolkit, and show how MEL systems for NAP processes can accelerate adaptation action and support.

This webinar will be held in English with simultaneous translation into French and Spanish.