Eswatini Environment Fund: Funding climate change adaptation and biodiversity actions at the local level

The Eswatini Environment Fund (EEF) aims to promote environmental sustainability at the grassroots level in Eswatini and is managed by the Eswatini Environment Authority as part of its mandate to provide a clean, healthy, and safe environment for all by working with all stakeholders in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

This briefing note provides a description of the EEF and emphasizes how small investments in projects at the local level through the fund have impacted communities and improved their adaptive capacity. It highlights the success of Eswatini in bridging adaptation and biodiversity planning and providing synergetic financing for both adaptation and biodiversity actions at the local level. The briefing note concludes with suggestions on how the fund can potentially support priority adaptation actions at the local level, as identified through Eswatini’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process.


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Publisher: Kingdom of Eswatini