Inventory of Innovative Financial Instruments for Climate Change Adaptation

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Private finance to support the adaptation needs of developing countries can be unlocked using innovative financial instruments.

This inventory provides information on a range of innovative financial instruments that have been used, or potentially could be used, to finance the implementation of climate change adaptation measures, including the national priorities identified in National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). It includes:

  • mature instruments – instruments that have been used for many years for other purposes and that could be adjusted to finance climate change adaptation;
  • emerging instruments – newer instruments that may or may not have been developed specifically to finance climate adaptation; and
  • pilot instruments – instruments that are currently being developed to finance climate adaptation and that may be applied in the near future.

The inventory intends to inform governments, project developers, and financiers about available instruments and how they have been used, or could be used, to increase resilience to climate change.

For more information, visit the Inventory of Innovative Financial Instruments for Climate Change Adaptation.


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