Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Framework for Liberia’s National Adaptation Plan

This briefing note provides a summary of the main points of a technical report that proposes the framework of a monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) system for Liberia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) 2020–2030.

It includes:

  • An overview of the MEL framework’s aims and objectives; the required institutional arrangements, including roles and responsibilities; the process to review and revise indicators; and the system to assess and collect data.
  • Clarification on how national government ministries and agencies, county governments, and other stakeholders can support the development of the national MEL system for Liberia’s NAP.
  • A phased work plan to establish the MEL system, with steps to be implemented over the next 3 years.

The full technical report is available on request from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Liberia.


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Publisher: Environmental Protection Agency Republic of Liberia