Regional Approach to Adaptation to Climate Change in Burkina Faso

Study of the Central Plateau region

Burkina Faso, a country particularly affected by the effects of climate change, used a sectoral approach to develop its first NAP in 2015. An evaluation of the plan was conducted in 2021 to guide further actions. To take better account of the specificities of each region of the country, the evaluation recommended a regional approach to complement the original sectoral approach.

With this in mind, Burkina Faso, with the financial support of the NAP Global Network, conducted a risk and vulnerability assessment (RVA) in the Central Plateau region, chosen from among the country’s 13 regions for piloting the regional approach. The RVA led to the development of the Central Plateau Regional Adaptation Plan. This plan, together with those of the other 12 regions, will ultimately feed into the NAP.

This sNAPshot country brief describes the regional approach implemented in Burkina Faso and presents the lessons that have been learned from the pilot phase.


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Publisher: International Institute for Sustainable Development