Saint Lucia’s First National Adaptation Plan Progress Report

Saint Lucia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) has been defined as a 10-year process (2018–2028), consisting of priority cross-sectoral and sectoral adaptation measures for eight key sectors/areas and a segment on the “limits to adaptation,” complemented with adaptation strategies and action plans for priority sectors and thematic areas. Three years into NAP implementation, there is a need to measure progress in its implementation and to report on this progress to the people of Saint Lucia and the international community, including donors. It is expected that this can help raise further support for Saint Lucia’s adaptation priorities.

This NAP progress report presents the progress that Saint Lucia has made on adaptation action since the launch of the country’s NAP. It highlights the nexus between planned and implemented adaptation actions in Saint Lucia under its NAP and the commitments outlined in its recently updated nationally determined contribution.



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Publisher: Government of Saint Lucia