Spectrum of approaches to initiating sectoral integration in the NAP process

This spectrum of approaches to cross-sector integration of adaptation emerged based on the experiences that participants in our first Targeted Topics Forum shared (see figure below).

Figure Spectrum of approaches to initiating sectoral integration

Jamaica Albania

Sector Driven

Sectors have already taken steps to address adaptation considerations in sectoral planning and policy-making. Initiating integration involves coordination of sectoral initiatives to help define national adaptation priorities.


Adaptation is simultaneously considered at the national level and in sector-specific planning. Inititating integration requires coordination of national and sectoral initiatives to ensure coherence and cohesion in the policy community.

Nationally Driven

A climate change focal agency identifies national adaptation priorities. Initiating integration requires uptake within sector-specific strategies and action plans with coordination by the national climate change focal point.

Source: Price-Kelly & Hammill, 2015. sNAPshot: Initiating sector integration of adaptation considerations.

Some countries, such as the Philippines, started with the development of a national framework for addressing adaptation; in other countries, such as Grenada, sectors had already begun integrating adaptation considerations into their planning, and the NAP process was an opportunity for stocktaking and coordination to define national priorities. Countries like Brazil, Jamaica, and Albania took a hybrid approach, simultaneously considering adaptation at the national level and in sector-specific planning. In all these cases, varying combinations of initiatives by sectors and national climate change focal points are driving integration, with a strong coordination function present across the range of approaches. 

An overview brief (also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese) introduces the topic of sector integration and different ways to initiate it in the NAP process.

The following sNAPshot country briefs provide further detail on approaches individual countries have taken to initiating the sector integration process:

Publisher: International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)