Webinar | Adaptation in the Biennial Transparency Reports: FAQ

This webinar explored some common questions about the adaptation chapter of Biennial Transparency Reports (BTRs) and how countries can leverage the outputs and results of their National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes for their transparency reporting.   

The speakers also walk us through on how the new UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience (the Global Goal on Adaptation Framework) relates to the BTRs. 

  • Emilie Beauchamp, Lead on Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for Adaptation with the NAP Global Network
  • Jeffrey Qi, Policy Advisor with the NAP Global Network
  • María del Pilar Bueno, Senior Researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research at the National University of Rosario, Argentina
  • Christian Ledwell, Knowledge Manager, NAP Global Network


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Publisher: International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)