Botswana’s NAP Framework Validation Workshop

African woman street vendor in Botswana
The NAP framework aims to clarify Botswana’s approach to its NAP process.

The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Framework for Botswana will be assessed by key national stakeholders during a one-day workshop in Gaborone on November 14.

The event aims to gather input from the participants in order to improve the framework, the goal of which is to guide the government in developing and implementing policies and plans that will assist Botswana to address its medium- and long-term adaptation needs.

Numerous sectors of Botswana’s economy are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The country’s NAP process, which is in the early stages, will be built on existing adaptation activities that can drive Botswana toward sustainable development.

The NAP framework aims to clarify Botswana’s approach to its NAP process, articulating the country’s vision of climate change adaptation, its adaptation objectives and principles, roles and responsibilities within the national government, and the priority actions to be carried out. It will also focus on the alignment of the NAP process with existing policies, strategies and adaptation research.

On September 18, Botswana’s Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism hosted the Stakeholders Inception Workshop for the NAP framework aiming at raising awareness of the country’s NAP process.

Technical assistance for the Botswana government to develop the NAP framework and organize the workshops is being delivered via the NAP Global Network’s Country Support Hub.