Government Training: Integrating climate change adaptation into national and ministerial budgets

On July 25 and 26 in Kingston, Jamaica, the NAP Global Network will host a training program for budget and policy officers from across the Jamaican government on methods and tools for integrating climate change adaptation into national and ministerial budgets. The workshop comes out of a request for support made by the government through the NAP Global Network’s Country Support Hub.

Jamaica’s NAP process is centred on the development of 12 sectoral strategies and action plans for those sectors deemed most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. These strategies and plans will fully integrate climate change considerations, and are expected to be completed by next year. Once done, they will form the foundation for Jamaica’s NAP.

With this time frame in mind, technical support is urgently required to enhance understanding of how to integrate climate change adaptation into national and ministerial budgeting processes for the upcoming fiscal year. To address this need, this workshop will cover existing approaches and experiences regarding the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into budgeting, with concrete examples from other countries, while also looking for Jamaica-specific entry points, tools and coordination mechanisms for the integration of adaptation into budgets.