Validation Workshops: First Progress Report on Saint Lucia’s NAP and Saint Lucia’s National Research and Policy Strategy for Climate Change

St Lucia: Fisherman in the village.
The First Progress Report on Saint Lucia’s NAP will be presented to the National Climate Change Committee.

Saint Lucia submitted its National Adaptation Plan (NAP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in September 2018.

On November 14, the First Progress Report on Saint Lucia’s NAP will be presented to the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) and other key implementing agencies during a validation workshop in Castries.

The First Progress Report was developed using the NAP monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan. The report will be assessed by stakeholders during the workshop. Their feedback will be gathered and incorporated into the final version of the report.

In addition to the First Progress Report, the workshop will also seek to validate the National Research Policy and Strategy for Climate Change (NRPSCC). The NRPSCC’s goal is to guide research efforts to fill key information and data gaps that currently limit Saint Lucia’s capacity to effectively execute its climate change agenda and improve its resilience to climate impacts.

The Government of Saint Lucia expects the NRPSCC to provide guidance on the research topics and questions that respond to their current (and potential future) policy and development needs, while setting rules on the use of data obtained from the investigations. Results will be presented to donors and research institutions interested in supporting Saint Lucia’s climate change adaptation efforts.

Technical assistance for the Saint Lucia Government to develop the First Progress Report and the NRPSCC, as well as to organize the workshop, is being delivered via NAP Global Network’s U.S. In-Country Support Program for Saint Lucia.