sNAPshots series launch

at COP21

The NAP Global Network’s first year of activities highlighted an appetite for sustained south-south learning and exchange among countries in the midst of National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes.

To ensure broader sharing of lessons emerging through this south-south exchange, at COP21 the Network is launching a series of briefs called sNAPshots. Based on concrete experiences of countries participating in the Network, sNAPshots examine how countries are currently approaching different aspects of the NAP process.

The launch issue is an overview brief that focuses on a spectrum of approaches to initiating sector integration of adaptation planning. It is based on experiences shared by participants in the Network’s first Targeted Topics Forum (TTF) event in July 2015. Drawing on these examples, it shows how the impetus for sector integration can be found in different ministries and at different levels depending on the country context, and that countries are taking a range of approaches to achieving the common outcome of integration. A series of forthcoming issues will go into more depth on individual country cases of initiating the sector integration process, as well as relevant lessons for bilateral development partners aiming to align their support with the NAP process.

sNAPshots aim to add the concreteness of examples and experience to technical guidance on NAPs. Through 2016 activities, the series will cover new topics and country experiences on an ongoing basis, informed by the needs and demands of Network participants.

Download the first sNAPshot

sNAPshot Overview Brief: Initiating sector integration of adaptation considerations

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