Building Climate-Resilient Health Systems: Four key actions to follow in National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes

By Amy Savage (World Health Organization [WHO]), Angie Dazé (IISD), and Elena Villalobos Prats (WHO)

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing major disruptions in the delivery of essential health services. As attention shifts to recovery, we have an opportunity to build health systems that are more resilient to future health shocks as well as to the impacts of climate change. National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes provide a basis for ensuring that this happens.

Botswana’s Pragmatic Approach to a Climate-Proof Economy

Sennye Masike PhD, Environmental Economist, CLIMsystems Ltd

Botswana’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) framework will contribute to the country’s climate change adaptation efforts by guiding the development of the NAP process and give direction to sectoral initiatives.

Stakeholders from the Peruvian Public Sector Meet in Lima to Advance Country’s NAP Process

Peru kicked off the process to develop its National Adaptation Plan (NAP) document in October 2019. The NAP document is being developed through a participatory process and grounded in five prioritized thematic adaptation sectors set out by the government’s Multisectoral Technical Group in 2018: agriculture, forestry, water, fisheries and aquaculture, and health. Convening Stakeholders From […]

Colombia Hosts Event on Sectoral Experiences in Its NAP Process

Colombia organiza taller sobre las experiencias sectoriales en el proceso de su PNACC

On October 11, Colombia’s National Planning Department (DNP) and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS) co-hosted the event “Advancing in Climate Change Adaptation: Sectoral Experiences.” The event aimed to foster knowledge sharing and strengthening of sectoral capacities in the formulation of adaptation strategies to climate change, contributing to Colombia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) […]

From the Bottom Up: Key lessons learned from Senegal’s NAP process

By Dr. Khady Sané Diouf and Ms. Fatou Thiaw, COMFISH

In October 2017, the NAP Global Network invited Dr. Khady Sané Diouf (Project Director) and Ms. Fatou Thiaw (Climate Change Officer)—representatives from the Collaborative Management for a Sustainable Fisheries Future in Senegal (COMFISH) initiative—to share their experience on Senegal’s NAP process during a regional meeting organized in Lomé, Togo. Senegal is taking a sectoral approach […]

Network Launches Webinar Series on Key Topics in the NAP process

Watch our first webinar on "Sector Integration in the NAP Process"

The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network has launched a webinar series to provide an online forum for sharing lessons and experiences that are emerging as countries progress through their NAP processes. Each webinar addresses a specific technical topic related to national adaptation planning through presentations of countries’ experiences, relevant research and guidance, and opportunities for discussion […]

sNAPshots series launch

at COP21

Based on concrete experiences of countries participating in the Network, this series examines how countries are currently approaching different aspects of the NAP process. This launch issue draws on concrete examples to show how the impetus for sector integration can be found in different ministries and at different levels depending on the country context.

The NAP Global Network at COP21

The NAP Global Network is gearing up for activities in Paris during the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21). The Network is planning for a number of events on the margins of COP21—follow the links to individual event postings and stay tuned to our website for more details on our presence […]