NAP Assemblies

Coordinating support for a successful NAP process

National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Assemblies provide an opportunity for developing countries to convene national stakeholders to build awareness of their NAP process and advance it.  While each NAP Assembly is tailored to the country’s context, NAP Assemblies aim to fulfill the following three objectives:

  1. Build political support for the NAP process and its implementation by highlighting how coordination and alignment can help to achieve broader development goals.
  2. Ensure developing countries have a say in how existing development support can best support their climate-resilient development.
  3. Prevent duplication of efforts and identify synergies among development partners’ NAP-relevant initiatives, as well as identifying areas where the Network may help to facilitate further coordination.

You can find out more about NAP Assemblies’ goals in this two-page backgrounder, or find out more about past NAP Assemblies below.

Past NAP Assemblies

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Interested in hosting a NAP Assembly?

If you would like the NAP Global Network’s assistance to co-host a NAP Assembly with your country’s government, you can place a request to through our Country Support Hub.