Developing a Climate Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluation System for Grenada’s National Adaptation Plan

A technical report based on expert interviews and the results of a government consultation on July 24–26, 2019

This report is concerned with how Grenada can track its own progress toward becoming a resilient island nation that continuously adapts to climate change (i.e., to achieve the vision of the National Adaptation Plan [NAP]). In concert with a national greenhouse gas inventory, a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the NAP will be able to indicate the level of progress Grenada is making in meeting the challenges caused by climate change. The report presents a possible design for the M&E system and options for implementation.

The aims of the report are to:

  • Guide the development of Grenada’s NAP M&E system through a series of considerations.
  • Discuss each consideration in light of results from the interviews and the consultation and presenting decisions that need to be taken.
  • Outline a way forward.


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Publisher: Government of Grenada