Gender and Human Rights Analysis

Ensuring a gender-responsive National Adaptation Plan in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

This report explores ways in which the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) could advance its gender equality and human rights objectives through its efforts on climate change adaptation. It looks at concrete ways these objectives may be incorporated in the ongoing development of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP). While support for both gender equality and human rights is espoused by Marshallese institutions, their incorporation into the nation’s efforts to adapt to climate change is a complex task often requiring new ways of thinking, collaborating, and governing. The NAP’s development offers a timely opportunity to explore these new ways.

In developing this report, we sought to understand the achievements attained and the challenges encountered thus far by both state and non-state actors in adapting to climate change in a way that is gender-responsive and protects and promotes human rights. The report reviews the existing coordination systems, assessing whether they are adequately equipped to support gender responsiveness and human rights protection in the design and implementation of adaptation and mitigation processes.


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Publisher: Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands