Climate Resilience From Mountaintop to Seafloor: How three communities in Grenada are implementing the national climate change adaptation plan

The tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique has made meaningful progress on building resilience to cope with the impacts of climate change. This article explores how three Grenadian communities have reduced their climate vulnerability and built resilience by implementing country’s National Adaptation Plan. View the story Grenada’s NAP Blaize Lauriston Telescope Beach Climate […]

Protecting Kune-Vaini Lagoon: Scaling up ecosystem-based adaptation in Albania’s oasis for migratory birds

The Kune-Vaini Lagoon System (KVLS) in northern Albania is an important ecological corridor for about 200 species of birds on their migration routes. Its rich ecosystems support local communities’ livelihoods, especially agriculture, fishing, and tourism. Because of climate change, this ecological wonder is under threat. But a project prioritized through the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process […]

What We Heard From the Global Stocktake’s First Technical Dialogue on Adaptation

By Jeffrey Qi, Policy Analyst II, International Institute for Sustainable Development

June’s Bonn Climate Change Conference started an important part of the inaugural 2-year Global Stocktake under the Paris Agreement. What did participants say about climate change adaptation during the Global Stocktake’s first Technical Dialogue, and what does it mean for global adaptation ambition?