What Is the NAP Assessment in Bonn, and Why Does It Matter? 

By Orville Grey and Jeffrey Qi, NAP Global Network Secretariat, IISD

At the UN Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB 60), taking place from June 3 to 13, countries will initiate an assessment of their progress in formulating and implementing their NAPs.   We look more closely at what that means, and what’s at stake.  What is the Assessment of Progress in the NAP process?   The benefits of […]

PRESS RELEASE | Zimbabwe Hosts Global Peer Learning Forum on Climate Change Adaptation  

VICTORIA FALLS, ZIMBABWE, February 27 – Decision-makers from 15 countries and experts from across the globe will meet from February 27 to 29 at the Zambezi River Lodge in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to share experiences on national efforts to adapt to climate change impacts.   The government representatives, who lead their respective countries’ national adaptation plan […]

Renforcement de l’adaptation aux changements climatiques au Cameroun : la nécessité d’un système efficace de suivi, d’évaluation et d’apprentissage

Par Mesmin Tchindjang, enseignant et expert en adaptation aux changements climatiques

en prévision de la prochaine mise à jour du PNA, le Cameroun a entrepris une analyse technique avec le soutien du Réseau mondial de PNA en vue d’éclairer la création d’un système de suivi, d’évaluation et d’apprentissage d’adaptation.

Adaptation in Biennial Transparency Reports: Frequently Asked Questions

By Jeffrey Qi and Emilie Beauchamp

Under the Paris Agreement’s Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF), countries have the option to report on climate change impacts and share information on adaptation efforts. As many countries are preparing their first Biennial Transparency Report (BTR), the NAP Global Network answers some common questions on how to prepare the adaptation chapter of the BTR and how they can leverage the outputs and results of the National Adaptation Plan processes.

Climate Resilience From Mountaintop to Seafloor: How three communities in Grenada are implementing the national climate change adaptation plan

The tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique has made meaningful progress on building resilience to cope with the impacts of climate change. This article explores how three Grenadian communities have reduced their climate vulnerability and built resilience by implementing country’s National Adaptation Plan. View the story Grenada’s NAP Blaize Lauriston Telescope Beach Climate […]