Multimedia on NAP Process Lessons and Experiences | COP 23

The NAP Global Network Secretariat will be taking part in a number of events at COP 23, and we will be looking to profile the exciting work that countries are engaged in to advance their NAP processes.

NAP Process Posters

To show the progress countries are making in creating and implementing their NAP processes, we worked with five countries that participate in the NAP Global Network to map out their country’s key observed and anticipated climate change impacts, their priority sectors for adaptation, their NAP process milestones and key lessons on the NAP process.

Click on the images to view each poster in a new tab.



NAP Global Network Yearbook 2016–17

To take a more in-depth look at some of the lessons emerging about NAP processes, we have created a yearbook that highlights some of the moments and people who have participated in the Network over the past two years.

Country Support Hub Video

And, as ever, we will be encouraging country teams working on their NAP processes to send requests to our Country Support Hub. Watch a new video on the types of support that are available.