Participatory development of vulnerability assessments in Benin, Burkina Faso, and Senegal for better adaptation planning

By Sönke Marahrens, GIZ, Sarah D’haen & Melinda Noblet, Climate Analytics

Vulnerability assessments are an important part of a country’s National Adaptation Planning process, providing evidence for adaptation practitioners to make informed decisions about where adaptation action is needed most. Supported by Climate Analytics through the project “Science-based support for NAP processes in francophone Least Developed Countries of sub-Saharan Africa” (PAS-PNA)[1], the governments of Benin, Burkina […]

Deuxième Forum Francophone sur le processus de Plans Nationaux d’Adaptation (PNA)

Communiqué de presse | Le Ministère de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable, Sénégal

Lors de la Conférence de Cancun sur le climat en 2010, les États signataires de la Convention-Cadre des Nations Unies sur les Changements Climatiques (CCNUCC) ont adopté le processus de Plans Nationaux d’Adaptation (PNA) pour réduire leur vulnérabilité aux changements climatiques et intégrer l’adaptation dans les processus de planification du développement à tous les niveaux […]

From the Bottom Up: Key lessons learned from Senegal’s NAP process

By Dr. Khady Sané Diouf and Ms. Fatou Thiaw, COMFISH

In October 2017, the NAP Global Network invited Dr. Khady Sané Diouf (Project Director) and Ms. Fatou Thiaw (Climate Change Officer)—representatives from the Collaborative Management for a Sustainable Fisheries Future in Senegal (COMFISH) initiative—to share their experience on Senegal’s NAP process during a regional meeting organized in Lomé, Togo. Senegal is taking a sectoral approach […]