High-level political support & sectoral integration in NAP processes

Lessons from the Network's 1st Targeted Topics Forum

With 28 participants from 14 countries and six organizations working on related issues, the NAP Global Network’s inaugural Targeted Topics Forum (TTF) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil addressed the related topics of securing political support and sectoral integration in the NAP process. This first TTF Report summarizes some of the key lessons that emerged. Highlights include:

  • A series of factors affecting political commitment to adaptation planning, and related challenges and opportunities for building support for NAP processes.
  • A spectrum of approaches to integrating climate change adaptation into sectoral planning, based on case studies of adaptation planning under way in countries represented at the TTF.
  • Lessons on bilateral support for integration of adaptation.

To learn more, read the full report (PDF, 1.27MB).

You can also view presentations from the event at the links below:

Opportunities for involvement in the NAP Global Network and future events

Each Targeted Topics Forum (TTF) will be organized around a specific topic, providing a space for policymakers, practitioners, and development cooperation agencies to discuss challenges and opportunities that arise during the NAP process. If you are interested in participating in the Network and receiving updates on future events and activities, including upcoming TTFs, find out more about Network participation here.