Experts from Five Latin American Countries Meet in Lima to Share Experiences and Lessons Learned in Monitoring and Evaluation in Adaptation to Climate Change

Lima, Peru

LIMA, April 24, 2019 (via Peru Ministry of Environment) — As part of the participatory process “Dialoguemos sobre los NDC” (Multisectoral NDC Dialogue), the international meeting “Monitoring and Evaluation of Adaptation to Climate Change in Peru” was held in Lima yesterday. The event was organized by the Ministry of the Environment, with the valuable support of the NAP Global Network, and was attended by experts from five Latin America countries: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Dialoguemos NDC: encuentro internacional M&E NAP

The Deputy Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Environment, Gabriel Quijandria, opened the event highlighting the importance of adaptation to climate change in development policies. “The monitoring and evaluation of adaptation to climate change provide a new perspective on how we develop and make decisions–whether the public sector, private sector or civil society–in order to ensure a more sustainable future,” he said.

During his session, Patrick Guerdat who was representing the NAP Global Network, stressed the importance of this international meeting to facilitate peer learning and exchange of challenges and opportunities associated with the planning and implementation of adaptation at the national level. “This space of dialogue allows us to engage in technical debates on challenges and best practices that enrich the process of preparing and developing the NAP for each country, as well as its monitoring and evaluation platforms,” he claimed.

Cristina Rodríguez, director of Adaptation to Climate Change and Desertification, highlighted the progress being made in Peru on monitoring and adaptation to climate change. “In 2019, we will have a monitoring and evaluation platform that will include indicators and goals in order to strengthen the institutional framework for adaptation to climate change, considering both the sectoral and subnational levels, fostering dialogue and promoting transparency and accountability accounts,” she said.

Through individual presentations and roundtable dialogue, international experts shared their experiences, challenges and opportunities that monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation entails in each of their countries. The next day, international experts also participated in a working meeting with representatives from the General Direction of Climate Change and Desertification of the Ministry of the Environment, and with the General Direction of Strategies of Natural Resources. They exchanged technical information and in-depth experiences on the future monitoring and evaluation platform for adapting to climate change in Peru. The session also allowed for strengthening the dialogue on undergoing work in the region.


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