What We Heard From the Global Stocktake’s First Technical Dialogue on Adaptation

By Jeffrey Qi, Policy Analyst II, International Institute for Sustainable Development

June’s Bonn Climate Change Conference started an important part of the inaugural 2-year Global Stocktake under the Paris Agreement. What did participants say about climate change adaptation during the Global Stocktake’s first Technical Dialogue, and what does it mean for global adaptation ambition?

A Great Year for National Adaptation Planning and the Network to Watch in 2022

View the story A Great Year for National Adaptation Planningand the Network to Watch in 2022 By Catherine Burge, IISD Photo: Winnipeg, Matthew TenBruggencate, IISD. Photo: Winnipeg, Matthew TenBruggencate, IISD. A new sense of urgency for climate action is being felt all around the world. We spent the year watching climate disasters cause heartbreaking scenes […]

Comment la Côte d’Ivoire accélère la prise en compte du genre dans l’action climatique : le renforcement des capacités des acteurs nationaux

Un entretien de Julie Dekens avec Florence Tanoh, directrice du genre et de l'équité au ministère de la Femme de Côte d'Ivoire.

Nous nous sommes entretenus avec Florence Tanoh, Directrice du Genre et de l’Équité au sein du ministère de la Femme pour mieux comprendre comment le renforcement des capacités contribue à améliorer la prise en compte des liens entre le genre et les changements climatiques.

Ensuring Inclusivity and Equality in Adaptation Planning

The blueprint for any adaptation action must be developed with the people it aims to protect and benefit. This Q&A provides insights on how vertical integration efforts can assure this inclusivity and representation in national planning processes.

Why Gender Matters for Effective Adaptation to Climate Change

By Angie Dazé

Adaptation to climate change fosters resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems by considering climate risks in decision making at all levels. National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes must take into account differing backgrounds, genders, and socio-economic realities to be effective.