Can You Build Peace and Adapt to Climate Change at the Same Time?

By Alec Crawford, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

The scale of the humanitarian crisis in Somalia is immense. It has also been described as the most vulnerable country in the world to climate change. There is growing recognition that it must start adaptation planning now to protect and enhance the peace gains that have been made.

Five New Tools for Coordinating Climate Change Adaptation in Kiribati

Julie Dekens and David Hoffmann, the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

The Government of Kiribati recognizes the risks that climate change poses to the livelihoods of its people. Accordingly, it is putting in place measures to ensure the activities they depend on can withstand more intense and frequent climate hazards. Our team at the NAP Global Network recently helped Kiribati publish several important documents that work […]

Jamaica’s Road to Climate Resilience: Paving the way forward with lessons learned

Daniel Morchain, IISD, and Katherine Blackman and Le-Anne Roper, Climate Change Branch, Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Government of Jamaica

For decades, Jamaicans have recognized the need to adapt to the impacts of climate change—and acted on it. With several dozen adaptation projects completed or in their implementation stage and an institutional structure set up to ensure coherence and collaboration between government and non-government actors, Jamaica can boast of its track record.

Reliable Water Supply in an Unpredictable Climate

Interview with Daniel Morchain, IISD

An interview with Policy Advisor Daniel Morchain, IISD, on his work in preparing the installation of an early warning system that will help climate-proof Colombia’s water supply system.