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Guidelines for the implementation of the Climate Change Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluation System

On July 7, in Hanoi, the Department of Climate Change (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) in collaboration with the National Planning Network for Global Climate Change (NGN) held a Workshop on “Training on the use of manuals for the implementation of the national monitoring and evaluation system of climate change adaptation activities”. Attending were representatives of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of 24 provinces and cities in the North and a number of ministries and branches.

Vulgarisation du PNA dans l’Atacora

Au Bénin, le Plan National d’Adaptation aux Changements Climatiques est disponible depuis 2015. Ce plan fait l’objet d’atelier de vulgarisation dans les douze départements du Bénin par la Direction Générale de l’Environnement et du Climat. La ville de Natitingou a abrité cet atelier le jeudi 23 juin 2022 pour le compte du département de l’Atacora.

Maasai women using cameras to tackle climate crisis

Armed with a digital camera and desire for involvement, they document changes in weather patterns and their effects on livelihoods in their counties. In most cases, women in marginalised communities rarely feature in climate policy discussions even as they experience the heaviest hit of this phenomenon. It is in the realisation that Lensational has partnered with other NGOs like National Adaptation Plan Global Network (NAP) and Global Affairs Canada and policymakers from Kenya to seal the gap in women’s representation.

Climate Finance Unit Engages the NAP Global Network’s Country Support Hub as New Funding Agency

As the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) National Designated Authority for Belize, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Climate Finance Unit has engaged the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network – an initiative hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) with funding provided by Irish Aid.

The NAP Global Network’s Country Support Hub provides up to US$30,000 in technical assistance under a window to respond to requests focused on monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) for national adaptation plans.

Discover key trends and information in National Adaptation Plans

This new platform will assist government officials and stakeholders involved in planning and implementing long-term adaptation actions by providing:

  • Content analyses of multi-sector NAPs submitted to the UNFCCC’s NAP Central.
  • Trends in key themes, such as gender equality, nature-based solutions, and alignment with other sustainable development mechanisms and agendas.
  • Statistics that demonstrate an overview of the key issues and priorities in country adaptation plans.

Designing and Implementing a Gender-Just NDC and NAP in the Marshall Islands

Over the past few decades, the Republic of Marshall Islands has made a concerted effort to advance gender equality and human rights across institutions and sectors. Last year, members of World Resources Institute and NAP Global Network helped identify the strengths and challenges of RMI’s climate policies and put forward a set of recommendations to inform the enhancement of RMI’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), National Adaptation Plan (NAP) as well as overall climate action in the country.