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‘Prioritise adaptation:’ Former negotiator makes case for greater climate readiness efforts

FORMER CLIMATE change negotiator for Jamaica, Dr Orville Grey, has noted the value of the current global stocktake (GST) of climate actions, while emphasising the need for greater efforts at scaled-up adaptation.

Still, Grey, who is the new Head of Secretariat for the NAP Global Network, said “the transition from planning to implementation remain slow, uneven, and incremental, and there is only modest progress on adaptation and risk management”.

NAP Expo 2023: Vertical integration is vital for NAP processes’ effectiveness

Vertical integration is essential for scaling up climate change adaptation action. The process of strategically linking adaptation efforts by key actors at local, sub-national, national, transboundary, and international levels in all phases of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process was explored at NAP Expo 2023. This session was co-hosted by the NAP Global Network and the Euroclima program through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on March 29, 2023. The event featured speakers from Kenya and Chile who shared their experiences with vertical integration in adaptation.

Columna de Anne Hammill: El liderazgo de Chile en los debates globales sobre la adaptación al cambio climático

Written by Anne Hammill, Associate Vice-President, Resilience, International Institute for Sustainable Development, which hosts the secretariat of the NAP Global Network. 

Para hacer frente a sequías cada vez más intensas, los agricultores chilenos han adoptado un enfoque innovador: la captación de niebla. En colaboración con ingenieros, las comunidades han utilizado redes especialmente diseñadas para capturar la niebla a su paso por las montañas, y esta tecnología de bajo costo ha resultado eficaz para suministrar agua a los cultivos y el ganado. Pero este método creativo es sólo una parte de una historia más compleja sobre la gestión del uso del agua. […]

Senegal hosts a peer learning event on National Adaptation Plans for eight countries

Government actors leading on National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes will meet in Dakar, Senegal, from February 21–23 to learn how to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their climate change adaptation operations with risk and vulnerability assessments (RVAs).

The NAP Global Network and the Government of Senegal have invited government representatives from seven countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Lebanon, Lesotho, Somalia, and Togo) to learn from each other’s experiences on the proper development and use of RVAs in NAP processes. Subject matter experts will also hold technical sessions to explain the concept and design of RVAs, as well as their strategic role in adaptation planning processes.

L’élaboration de la Stratégie Nationale Genre et Changement Climatique

Le ministère de l’environnement et du développement durable a organisé un atelier de consultation des parties prenantes dans le cadre de l’élaboration de la stratégie nationale Genre et Changement Climatique de la République Centrafricaine (RCA). Cet atelier a regroupé une soixantaine de points focaux de chaque ministère à Bangui, en présence du Directeur de Cabinet dudit ministère Célestin Ndedji. L’objectif est de consulter les parties prenantes concernées au développement de la stratégie genre et changements climatiques.

Shifting the narrative on adaptation at COP27

Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) shared the view that adaptation is indeed a global challenge. “We are all connected in one world,” said Thomas Lelkoitien, Deputy Director of Climate Change Adaptation at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Kenya, at a side event organized by the EU and Adaptation Without Borders at the EU Pavilion.

Other countries are also increasingly mentioning cross-border and cascading climate risk in their national adaptation plans, said Anne Hammill, Director of the NAP Global Network, emphasizing that “the messaging of Adaptation Without Borders is being picked up by countries.”

Genre et Adaptation aux Changements Climatiques : La Cellule Genre et Inclusion Sociale du PNCC partage l’expérience de la Côte d’Ivoire à la COP 27 avec l’appui de l’IISD NAP-GN

Avec l’appui de l’Institut International pour le Développement Durable qui abrite le secrétariat du Réseau Mondial des Plans Nationaux d’Adaptation, la Cellule Genre et Inclusion Sociale du PNCC a participé à la 27ème Conférence des Parties (COP 27) du 06 au 18 novembre 2022 à Sharm El Sheikh en Egypte.

La thématique du genre et les changements climatiques a figuré parmi les grandes articulations de la COP 27 de Sharm El Sheikh en Egypte. C’est dans ce cadre que KOFFI Anna Marleyne, Point Focal National Genre et Changements Climatiques à la Convention Cadre des Nations unies sur les Changements climatiques (CCNUCC), Responsable de la Cellule Genre et Inclusion Sociale du Programme National Changements Climatiques (PNCC) du Ministère de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable a pris part à un panel sur le thème ‘’Adaptation sensible au genre en Afrique : exemples et défis. ‘’

Adapting to a Changing Climate: How Trade and Trade Policy Can Make a Difference

Traditionally, the trade policy community’s focus when developing responses to the climate crisis has been on climate mitigation. But Trade can also help governments adapt to the climate change impacts that they are already facing, while building their resilience and preparing for those impacts still to come. Four of the NAPs submitted by June 30, 2022, name trade and/or finance as a priority sector, according to the latest data from the NAP Global Network’s NAP Trends database. A 2021 report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) sets out three overarching pathways where trade could support efforts at climate adaptation.

Nigeria To Scale Up Climate Change Adaptation Efforts

The Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdullahi, quoting the report of the intergovernmental panel on Climate Change, affirmed that by 2050 many coastal megacities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and other coastal cities in Nigeria will in a century witness weather catastrophes every year affecting millions of people and properties.

He said that Nigeria has taken the bold step to develop Adaptation Communication guided by the NAP Global Network.