Botswana Commits to 16 Recommendations from Government Stakeholders for its NAP Framework

Botswana’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Framework Inception Report will incorporate 16 recommendations collected from the participants of the workshop hosted by the Botswana Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, through the Department of Meteorological Services. Held in Gaborone on September 18, the event aimed to raise awareness of the country’s NAP process.

Participants of the workshop in Gaborone on September 18.
Participants of the workshop in Gaborone on September 18.

The recommendations were gathered during a data-collection exercise in which stakeholders made their suggestions to consultant Sennye Masike, who developed the NAP Framework Inception Report.

The first recommendation concerns consultation with various sectors within the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security, such as beef, poultry, horticulture and aqua agriculture, throughout the NAP process. The sixth recommendation suggests that climate change adaptation measures should be incorporated into school curricula to promote education and awareness in the early stages of childhood development.

It was also recommended that gender issues should be highlighted as a stand-alone theme in the NAP Framework, in accordance with United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change principles.

All the recommendations will be addressed by the consultant, who will be conducting individual follow-up interviews with the key experts. An inclusive consultation process is being emphasized throughout the development of Botswana’s NAP Framework process to ensure that all key stakeholders are involved.

Technical assistance to the Botswana government to develop the NAP Framework and to organize the workshop is being delivered via the NAP Global Network’s Country Support Hub.


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