Benin Advances Integration of Gender Considerations into its NAP Process

National validation workshop in Benin
The gender analysis was validated on August 8 during a national workshop in Cotonou.

The Government of Benin has validated a study to help mainstream gender considerations into its National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process.

Developed with the support of the NAP Global Network, the gender analysis was validated on Thursday, August 8, during a national workshop in Cotonou. The event brought together representatives from seven ministries, public agencies and institutes, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders from civil society.

The study, Analyse des Questions de Genre Axée sur le Processus de Plan National d’Adaptation (PNA) au Bénin, was conducted with support from NAP Global Network’s Country Support Hub, which provides short-term technical support to countries for the NAP process.

The analysis is based on a review of the literature and stakeholder consultations. It provides an overview of the status of the NAP process and explores the differentiated impacts of climate change on women and men in Benin as well as the challenges and opportunities for integrating gender considerations into Benin’s NAP process.  Recommendations were identified to enable a gender-responsive NAP process in Benin.

The analysis explores the differentiated impacts of climate change on women and men.

During the workshop, Martin Pépin Aïna, Director for the Environment and Climate of the Beninese Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development, remarked that the effects of climate change affect both men and women. According to Banouto, Aïna also said that the results of the study recognize inequality as a vulnerability to be addressed through Benin’s efforts to adapt to climate change.

The technical support from the NAP Global Network to conduct the analysis and host the validation workshop was made possible by financing received from the United States government.

The final version of the report will be released in the coming weeks.




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