Scaling up Climate Resilience in Benin: The launch of the country’s first National Adaptation Plan

View the story Scaling up Climate Resilience in Benin: The launch of the country’s first National Adaptation Plan By Patrick Guerdat and Cesar Henrique ArraisVideos and interviews by William Appolinaire TCHOKI and Fulbert ADJIMEHOSSOU Thomas KPONOU, a teacher from the Aguégués lakeside community (located between Porto-Novo and Cotonou, Benin’s two largest cities) remembers the historic […]

Reliable Water Supply in an Unpredictable Climate

An interview with Policy Advisor Daniel Morchain, IISD, on his work in preparing the installation of an early warning system that will help climate-proof Colombia’s water supply system. View the story Reliable Water Supply in an Unpredictable Climate: An interview with Daniel Morchain, IISD, on how early warning systems can help climate-proof Colombia's water system. Adaptation to […]

Unpacking Gender-Responsive Adaptation Finance: Key issues and the way forward

By Angie Dazé

As finance for climate change adaptation is scaled up, there is a real opportunity to promote human rights and gender equality in line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.  However, without careful consideration, there is also a real risk that these investments will not benefit those who need them most—vulnerable people in communities on […]

NAP Global Network at COP 25: Enhancing Engagement of the Private Sector in Adaptation Planning and Implementation

Presented by the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

This event provided an update on the Adaptation Committee’s work and discussed advances in private sector engagement. The event also presented and gathered feedback on a toolkit under preparation, which will enable policymakers to more effectively engage the private sector, especially in the process of formulating and implementing national adaptation plans (NAPs). Emerson Resende, Green […]

Business Executives Meet in Hanoi to Discuss Private Sector Engagement in NAP Processes

CEOs, directors and senior executives from some of Vietnam’s major companies met in Hanoi last month to discuss how the private sector can take part in Vietnam’s National Adaptation Planning (NAP) process. Hosted by the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on November 8, the workshop, Private Sector Engagement for National Adaptation Plan Development, […]

Striving to Adapt to Climate Change: Lessons from Albania

By Laureta Dibra, Lindita Tafaj and Alexandre Borde

Albania is suffering from the effects of extreme weather events such as flooding, droughts and heat waves. During the last 10 years, floods have devastated regions and cities such as Shkodër, Tiranë, Vlorë and Fier, and posed a significant threat to Albania’s economy, ecosystems and people’s health. Recurring floods caused USD 218 million in damage […]