The NAP Global Network has been working with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in Côte d’Ivoire since 2018 to support the development and implementation of the country’s NAP processes.

We are helping the country identify a gender-responsive NAP approach, strengthen its coordination with stakeholders and launch a National Commission to Combat Climate Change, which will ensure all institutional development planning includes solutions on how to best adapt to the impacts of climate change.


  • National Climate Change and Gender Strategy (ongoing): Being developed in collaboration with the UNDP to inform the revision of the NDC and all activities on climate change going forward to ensure the integration of gender consideration.
  • Gender analysis report: Presented opportunities to consider gender in adaptation planning and provided recommendations on how to use a gender-responsive approach to NAP processes. Report available in French only.
  • National Commission to Combat Climate Change: Draft decree developed for the establishment of a commission to strengthen national institutional arrangements on climate change.
  • NAP Readiness proposal: Submitted and approved by the Green Climate Fund.