The NAP Global Network’s support for Somalia’s NAP process started in October 2021. We have been working with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Office of the Prime Minister, on developing monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) strategies and carrying out vulnerability assessments for the livestock and fisheries sectors. The long-term goal is to strengthen the MEL system to track the progress of the adaptation policies, increasing transparency and accountability for climate change adaptation actions at all levels.


  • Somalia's NAP Framework: Developed with the aim of guiding and advancing the country's NAP process, aligning it with existing policies and strategies, including those regarding peacebuilding, conflict, and gender equality, and with adaptation research. The Framework was developed through short-term assistance from the NAP Global Network's Country Support Hub.
  • Peer learning event on monitoring, evaluation, and learning: Ahead of the 2022 NAP Expo, representatives from the Somali government, along with participants from six other African countries, took part in this event to better understand how to track the NAP process and evaluate progress in building resilience to climate change.