Togo actively participated in the NAP Global Network’s activities since it was created in 2014 until 2020. Notably, Togo was a founding member of the Network Steering Committee, has participated in Targeted Topics Forums since 2015 as part of a cohort of international peers, and collaborated with the NAP Global Network to host a 2016 NAP Assembly to strengthen dialogue between the government and funding agencies to support the implementation of the NAP document.

We worked with the Ministry of the Environment and Forest in Togo to ensure its NAP processes benefit women, men and children equally.


  • Gender analysis published: Informed the country's NAP readiness proposal to the GCF and used to develop the health sector's adaptation strategy.

  • NAP Process Video: Communicated Togo's climate adaptation initiatives to the public.
  • NAP Assembly: Gained the support of development partners towards the implementation of the NAP.