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We are building the capacity of national stakeholders to formulate subnational and sectoral adaptation plans, and to monitor and evaluate the progress and impacts of these plans. Technical support has been provided to the water and sanitation, housing, industry and health sectors to build their respective capacities in monitoring and evaluation (M&E), as well as adaptation planning.

The Network is also supporting the design of a communications strategy for the NAP to engage stakeholders in the country’s NAP process.

Support Program at a Glance

Highlighted sections show work that is planned and already underway in the countries where we have in-country NAP support programs.

More Key Themes

  • Sector integration

Phase 1:

Host a national NAP Assembly to bring together key government actors and development partner agencies to coordinate the NAP implementation at the national and regional levels.

Support the development of sectoral adaptation plans for priority sectors (water and sanitation, housing, industry and health) in order to advance NAP planning and implementation and strengthen the sector’s M&E system for adaptation to climate change.

Phase 2:

Strengthening the Comprehensive Sectorial Climate Change Management Plans (PIGCCS in Spanish) for the ministries of water and health. Support to these two sectors is focused on generating inputs for the sector’s PIGCCS regarding adaptation goals and measures. The support is also aimed at strengthening the financing component that will be included in the sector’s PIGCCS by focusing on the identification of financing structures for a number of adaptation measures.

The Network is also supporting the development of a communications strategy for the NAP. The communication strategy seeks to effectively engage a variety of stakeholders in the country’s adaptation process, raise awareness of the strategic importance of adaptation and support the achievement of the country’s adaptation goals.