The NAP Global Network has been working with the Ministry of the Presidency of Guyana, and the Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership of UN Development since 2016 to ensure the effectiveness of the country’s NAP processes.

We boosted public awareness on climate change adaptation processes through training programs for media and government staff. Our efforts now focus on strengthening NAP awareness by developing targeted communication products. Additionally, we are supporting the government in developing an effective monitoring and evaluation framework and increasing the capacities of staff from key ministries—on local and regional levels—to increase plan and finance adaptation activities under the NAP.



  • Video of NAP Process: Strengthened communications around the process and benefits of the NAP to a broad range of constituents, including the media, civil society, and the Guyanese public.
  • Workshop for government officials: Strengthened the capacities of 22 government personnel regarding how to communicate climate change impacts and adaptation to the media.
  • Workshop for journalists: Enhanced capacities of 19 journalists and media representatives to write stories about climate change and the NAP process.
  • Climate change website: Updated content to inform stakeholders and adaptation policy-makers, and developed training sessions regarding website updates and use for government personnel.
  • Caribbean NAP Assembly: Facilitated communications between Caribbean countries regarding lessons learned and next steps in respective countries' NAP processes.