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Togo has actively participated in the NAP Global Network’s activities since it was created in 2014. Notably, Togo was a founding member of the Network Steering Committee, has participated in Targeted Topics Forums since 2015 as part of a cohort of international peers, and has collaborated with the NAP Global Network to host a 2016 NAP Assembly to strengthen dialogue between the government and funding agencies to support the implementation of the NAP document.

In 2019, the NAP Global Network’s in-country NAP support program initiated a targeted analysis to shed light on gender issues related to the implementation of Togo’s NAP document, Plan National d’Adaptation aux Changement Climatiques du Togo (PNACC).

Support Program at a Glance

Highlighted sections show work that is planned and already underway in the countries where we have in-country NAP support programs.

More Key Themes

  • Gender