NAP Global Network’s support for the Kiribati NAP process has taken a two-phase approach. During the first phase in 2017–18, the Network:

  • Developed the Kiribati Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Database (KIVA DB), a repository of data on national vulnerabilities
  • Supported community-level vulnerability data collection
  • Reviewed Kiribati’s NAP, the Joint Implementation Plan on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management (KJIP) 2019-2028, highlighting areas for gender inclusion
  • Provided additional support through the Country Support Hub on communications about the NAP process at the 2018 Mayors General Meeting.

Building on the successful partnership between the Office of Te Beretitenti, Kiribati’s President, and the NAP Global Network in 2017–18, the second phase commencing 2019 will focus on:

  • Supporting the use of the KIVA DB
  • Finalizing the dissemination of the KJIP
  • Reporting on and evaluating the KJIP

Support Program at a Glance

Highlighted sections show work that is planned and already underway in the countries where we have in-country NAP support programs.

More Key Themes

  • Gender
  • Strategic communications