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We are helping to build political support for the NAP process among decision-makers at the national and subnational levels, with the goal of increasing the integration of climate change adaptation into the country’s medium- and long-term development plans. This will be done through a series of engagement workshops to be held in Freetown and around the country. We are also helping to increase public awareness of the NAP process through the development of a NAP communications strategy, alongside targeted communication products and training workshops for members of the national and local media, government ministries, departments and agencies, and non-governmental organizations.


  • First program of support: NAP framework completed.
  • Second program of support:
    • Vertical integration through building political support.
    • Strategic communications through increasing public awareness.

Key Results

Support Program at a Glance

Highlighted sections show work that is planned and already underway in the countries where we have in-country NAP support programs.